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Welcome to my multi-faceted Creative world.

Kindrie Sculpting pegasus bio photo.JPG


I'm Kindrie…


Guided by Inspiration...

I follow that creative spark where it leads.

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Join me as I explore its beautiful expression.

I am a multi-disciplinary fine artist and author.

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My work encompasses cast bronze sculpture,
oil painting, drawing & illustrating as well as fantasy writing.

Trojan2 Horse head bronze sculpture by Kindrie Grove.png
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Introducing Seed Swap....

Seed Swap re-breasted Nuthatches cast bronze sculpture banner by Kindrie Grove.jpg
Wee One Tawny patina cast bronze bunny Sculpture by Kindrie Grove.jpg
Soul of Africa, Black Rhino painting by Kindrie Grove.JPG
Orca underwater painting by Kindrie Grove.jpg

Latest Collection of Mini Paintings

Guided by my Inspiration: 

Beautifully framed  – Perfect for small rooms and intimate spaces.


Fantasy Books & Art 

Introducing the Stone Guardians
Fantasy Books & Art

Novels, Paintings, Sculpture and Illustration

The Message was Only the Beginning....

The perfect addition to your fantasy book shelf.

HardCoverThe messenger from myris dar by

Discover your
next page-turner!

Archer cutout by Kindrie Grove.png

Open the cover and settle in for a great adventure-filled story with action, magic, destiny and romance.

old Books and ink well_edited.png

About The Stone Guardians

"Book Three is currently in the works."

Inside Book Two, map page, Remembering, Book two of The Stone Guardians by Kindrie Grove.j
Braveheart I, Fantasy painting of a female warrior and her warhorse by Kindrie Grove

"This work envelopes me in a rich and varied layering of personal archetypes and legends, celebrating individuality and spirit."

Quiet Moments, Rowan and her warhorse, fantasy painting by Kindrie Grove.JPG

For the Love of the Craft...
Timeless traditions & the Highest Quality.

Every one of my bronze sculptures is created by hand in the time-honored tradition of lost wax casting. Each piece has its own subtle variation of patina and even the details of my finger prints are transferred into the metal.
Each sculpture comes with a certificate of authenticity in a custom designed folio.

My oil paintings and drawings are without exception, produced with the finest archival materials. Over 30 years of practice as a professional artist is instilled into each and every brush and pencil stroke. 

The quality of my work and the satisfaction of my collectors is of the utmost importance to me. I take great care with the creation of every piece.


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