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My Sketchbooks

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Visit the pages of my Sketchbooks...
Whenever I travel or go on an adventure, my sketchbook is always with me!

cat sketch by Kindrie Grove
Rufous Hummingbird drawing by Kindrie Grove
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Rufous Hummingbird Study
Drawing on toned paper with pencil and coloured pencil has become one of my favorite set of material.

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Travel Paintings

When I travel, I love to sketch and watercolor paint. It is an irresistible desire to record my surroundings and the beautiful places I experience.

photo of Kindrie's watercolor sketches in Portugal
photo of Kindrie drawing a swallow
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Wildlife Encounters...

My sketchbook records of  wildlife encounters often inspire my paintings...

Tree swallow painting by Kindrie Grove
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I am planing to publish some of my sketchbook pages into a book which will be available through Amazon soon.

Sketchbook on Log by Kindrie Grove
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These paintings are rarely seen except during their creation...

Read the story to experience the virtual tour of my travel sketchbooks and what inspires me when I travel.

Watercolor sketchbook flatlay by Kindrie Grove
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Studies & Sketchbook Pages

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More to Explore...

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