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Gold Ornament

Painting  Collections

 Below you will find the various collections of my original two dimensional art work divided by subject and style

Gold Ornament

 Rich & Precious...

Golden strokes to honor nature's sacred wonder.

Gold Ornament

 Delicate Light-wrought Colour...

Pale shades and subtle glowing colour to encompass my reverence.

Gold Ornament

 Exotic Beauty...

Stripes and spots and the beautifully bizarre.

Gold Ornament

 Equine Enchantment...

From baroque heavy horses to beautiful Spanish Andalusians,
horses have galloped through my life and imagination.

Gold Ornament

 Wildness of the New World...

Forest dwellers and creatures of the deep,
plains grazers and denizens of the sky and mountains.

Gold Ornament

 Timeless Stone & Fiery Heart...

Layers of mythology juxtaposed with the creatures of inspiration.

Gold Ornament

 Little Jewels...

Under six by six inches yet containing a wealth of spirit!

Gold Ornament

 Dreams & Imagination...

Spirit runs through all things, real and imagined.
Myths and legends create richness in personal and cultural architecture.

Gold Ornament

Adventures in Paint...

The places and landscapes I have visited and recorded with paint and
sketchbook represent memories of exploration and adventurous beauty.

Gold Ornament

Subtle Shades of Gray...

Enter the world of  my traditional drawing where graphite and charcoal create
soft shadows and highlights; line drawings with sepia washes trace beautiful creatures;
and luminous encaustic layers create soft colour and intricate texture.

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