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* Please note: This sculpture needs to be cast. It will take about 3 months to have the piece completed once an order has been made.


Unbridled is my largest cast bronze horse sculpture to date. It speaks of personal empowerment and the complete acceptance and joyful expression of our own power.


I love Heavy horses and wanted this Percheron stallion to be in the state of pulling. He is hitting his full stride, but with no harness, so that what he is pulling is only himself – moving at full force and just about to take the next step.


This sculpture will make an impressive statement in any home or corporate office. It can be placed outside in a courtyard or front entrance. Cast bronze is not weather sensitive.


It is hand cast bronze using the lost wax method. The edition size for the sculpture is only 12. It is mounted to a marble or granite base approximately 4 feet long.

All sculptures come with a Certificate of Authenticity in a beautiful folio.

**If you are purchasing as a gift and the sculpture cannot be ready in time, Don't worry! A custom gift package which includes the folio and certificate as well as a high quality photo of your ordered sculpture will be sent to you. It can be given in advance of the sculpture's arrival.


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  • Shipping is done via UPS or Canada Post with tracking.

    Please note:

    My studio is in Canada. If purchasing from outside of Canada, there may be import duties or fees not refected in the price.

    Customs fees and taxes for international shipments are the buyer's responsibility. 


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