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Welcome to the Studio!
Bunnies bronze sculptures by Kindrie Grove.jpg
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Creative Intentions....

Inspiration drives me to express the spirit and essence of animal and fantasy subjects with honesty, respect and passion.


My creative process is an intuitive one...


I go where inspiration takes me, striving to release the need to control outcomes. My job as an artist is to step back and leave space for the character and personality of my subjects to inhabit the work.


If a painting or sculpture continues to instill wonder after it has left the studio, enhancing the space it occupies or the lives of those who have welcomed it into their homes, then I have done my job.


I believe I am a part of the creative flow, not the keeper of it – my skill is guided to place brush to canvas, fingers to clay, words to paper.

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Exploring tactile
form & shape

Sculpting tools
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the Love of Craft...

Sinking deeply into the meditative state of creating is one of my life's great joys. The fine quality of the materials I use enhances not only my experience in the creation of a piece, but also the value of its final outcome.


Watching a work gradually become a reality and then sharing it with the world is a gift that I am continuously grateful for. If a small part of the joy I receive from its creation is transferred to those who experience it once it has left my hands, then I am thrilled.


Ultimately though, the creative act is not a choice. It is the process and the enjoyment of what comes through that fulfills me.

B & W photo pf Kindrie Sculpting large horse
Photo of Kindrie sculpting large Pegasus
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Quiet & Introspection...
Horsepower cast bronze horse sculpture by Kindrie Grove

I work from my private home studio near Penticton, British Columbia. It is an immersive and nurturing space in the mountains, with wildlife visitors and inspiring views.


My studio space is as much my muse as the animal and fantasy subjects I work with. Its atmosphere has been curated with love – full of books, works in progress and collected ephemera that adds to the creative energy.


Photo of Kindrie standing in front of a large elephant oil painting
My Professional Life

I am an Alberta-born artist and author. Although I am taking a break from teaching, I have also had extensive experience as an art educator, teaching a wide range of art classes and workshops, both locally and abroad. 


It is my hope and intention that my works express a deep reverence and respect for my subjects. Until recently my work has encompassed animals, both wild and domestic, but now, as an author of a fantasy novel series, I am also moved to create works that resonate with that new subject matter.


Formal training at the Alberta College of Art and Design – The Alberta University of Art – saw me started on a path as a professional artist. Hard work and a desire to learn how to run a successful studio has led to me to a gratifying career as a creator. Studies of wildlife in natural habitats throughout North America, Europe and southern Africa have informed my extensive portfolio.


My most notable work is of large, original oil paintings of wildlife and horses, and distinctive hand cast bronze sculpture which I showcased at the Calgary Stampede Western Artist Studios for 5 consecutive years. I have shown my work in exhibitions and venues across north America and Europe, both public and private, as well as expositions and fundraisers. 


Currently, my work is featured in galleries in Canada, the US and France as well as numerous international private and corporate collections including the Toronto Congress Centre’s Kindrie Grove Lobby.


I am the author of The Stone Guardians, a fantasy novel series encompassing four books as well as their Companion Sketchbooks. This ever-expanding and evolving project continues to inspire fantasy and mythology related sculpture, paintings and illustration.


I live with my husband and son in the Okanagan valley of British Columbia, Canada.

For information on my fantasy writing and art website, see below:

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The Creation of the Stone Guardians Fantasy Universe
Image of Embossed title for The Stone Guardians
Hard Cover The Messenger from Myris Dar by Kindrie Grove

"I adore creating books with compelling characters and places."


Open page of Volume 2 of the Stone Guardians Companion Sketchbook by Kindrie Grove
Fantasy books and art flatlay by Kindrie Grove

A fantasy universe spanning four novels, each with their own Companion Sketchbook, featuring  drawings, paintings & sculpture.


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Representing Galleries

All of the highly reputable, professional galleries below represent my paintings and bronze sculpture. They will take excellent care of you if you purchase an original Kindrie Grove piece through them.


(Please note: Prices are not lower when you purchase directly through Kindrie Grove Studios.)

Kindrie Grove Studios


Contact me to request a visit

Mailing Address:

Box 243, 113-437 Martin Street
Penticton, BC

V2A 5L1

The Studio is private but I occasionally accepts requests for studio visits.

Visitors can see a wide range of paintings and bronze sculpture as well as works in progress.


Adele Campbell Fine Art

Shops at the Westin

109 - 4090 Whistler Way
Whistler, BC

Tel: (604) 938 0887

Kindrie Grove works at Adele Campbell Fine Art

Bluerock Gallery

110 Centre Ave W
(PO Box 1290)
Black Diamond, AB  T0L0H0
(403) 933 5047

Kindrie Grove Works at Bluerock Gallery

Elk & Hammer

ADDRESS: 280 W Kagy Blvd, Ste D,

Bozeman, MT 59715 (P.O. Box address only)

Elk & Hammer Kindrie Grove Sculpture

Click here to Read my Story

Hambleton Galleries

1290 Ellis St, Kelowna, BC

V1Y 1Z4 Canada


Aurora Matheson Fine Art Gallery

221 Martin Street
Penticton, BC
Tel: 250-488-4999


Online Gallery
Paris, France
 +44 203 445 6333

Kindrie Grove Works on Singulart

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Permanent Collection: Toronto Congress Centre

Large Scale Paintings

Three of my very large African wildlife paintings are in the Toronto Congress Centre's permanent collection.

If you visit the centre, you can see the Kindrie Grove Lobby which houses an eighteen foot long galloping zebra painting and two ten foot high giraffes!

photo of Kindrie's large giraffe paintings at the Toronto Congress centre
photo of Kindrie's large zebra paintings at the Toronto Congress centre
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Collectors from around the World

Each pin represents a country where my paintings and sculptures have found their forever homes.


Old World Map
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I have worked with many collectors over my career as a professional artist. I have found it to be a rewarding and interesting experience. 

I am currently only accepting limited commission requests that align with my subject matter and style. If you would like to commission a painting, drawing or bronze sculpture, please contact me to share your concept.


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