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Gold Ornament

The Bushveld Collection

A New Series of Oil Paintings and Cast Bronze Sculpture of African Wildlife

Inspired by nostalgic travel memories through Southern Africa...

Image of Kindrie Grove's African Wildlife sketcbook

"My earliest paintings featured Zebras and Elephants, and it feels so good to return to this beloved subject matter."

Gold Ornament

The Bushveld Collection

    ...It begins as gentle reflections, remembering weeks of travel through Namibia, Botswana and South Africa.


The urge to revisit one of my favourite subjects, brings deeper stirrings of nostalgia...


Memories crowd forward: experiences of the extraordinary Bushveld landscape, with Acacia trees and Kokerbooms; the broad, flat surface of the Etosha Pan, with shimmering mirages, and the spindly figures of Giraffe walking as if on the surface of water; Elephants at waterholes, and Burchell's Zebras disappearing into the dry season colours, as their stripes break up the outlines of their equine forms. 

I pull out my photographs, and the sketchbooks I filled while travelling, finding more inspiration.


An Impala sculpture arrives, envisioned amidst these beautiful reminiscences, then a lioness walking, then several that can also be separate sculptures. And it grows from there. 

As this lovely collection of paintings and sculptures emerges, I will share its production here.


Return as often as you like to follow its evolution. You can sign up above to get emailed the Studio Journal with updates on this collection.

Gold Ornament

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