North American Wildlife

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Arctic Moment: Polar Bear
Cinnamon Light: Young Black Bear
Frosty Gaze: Polar Bear
Celebration: Humpback Whales
The Lookout Post
Western King
The Lookout Scout
The Circle: Muskoxen
Raven's Voice
Rubly-Crowned Kinglet
Colour in the White
Scent from Across the Ice II
Last Light Polar Bear Study (SOLD)
Ice Traveler
Raven Stare
Grey Ghost: Great Grey Owl (SOLD)
The Sweet Spot(SOLD)
Curious Bear
Calm Bear
Three Kings, Caribou (SOLD)
Polar Bear Study I
Polar Bear Study II
Young Cinnamon II
Nap Disturbed
Grizz in the Green
Arctic Breath
Oh Bear!
Tomorrow's Promise
Change of Course
Whale Song
Rising Thunder
Ice Traveler II
You Can't See Me
Arctic Frost
Female Calliope III
Polar Bear Study III
Female Calliope I
Cinnamon Stare
Free Floating, Seals
Ice Seat
Great White Bear
Male Calliope II
Male Calliope I
Grizzly Bear
Ice Bear
Female Calliope I
Polar Gaze
Nutall's Cottontail
Ice Bear II
Raven's Voice II
Polar Scent
Polar Bear Face
Little Bunny
Snow Snooze
The Long Scent
Young Cinnamon
Young Black Bear
Western Slopes Griz IV