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Gold Ornament

Bronze Elephants & Giraffe
African Wildlife 

Gold Ornament

Creatures Strange & Beautifully Bizarre...

When I first began to paint African wildlife, it was zebras that most captured my attention. But soon I was enthralled with the giants of the bush veld. It was elephants that ultimately drew me to southern Africa in search of wildlife.

The need to see the animals from my studio canvases in the wild was a driving force in my early adult life. My husband and I travelled together, he taking a wealth of photographs – some of which I still work from, – and me, scribbling away in my sketchbooks, trying to capture every moment. It was many years ago, yet the experiences are as fresh and crisp in my memory as through it were yesterday.

Working with African wildlife subjects has been one of the great passions of my artistic life.

Prices are in Canadian funds and do not include customs fees or duties if purchasing from outside of Canada. Larger pieces travel in custom wooden crates.

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