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Mini Paintings

Flatlay of mini paintings by Kindrie Grove.jpg

 Little Impressionistic Jewels...
Only four to six inches square, yet containing a wealth of spirit!


Available Originals

Many of my mini painting are also part of the Golden Creatures Collection.
Click on images for expanded views and zoom function as well as purchase links.

Mini Paintings Flatlay by Kindrie Grove.jpg

Follow the Mini Paintings...

See each new mini as I release it from the studio. I have a segment on my Fine Art Newsletter that is just for the Mini Paintings.


Many of these little gems sell out before the oil paint has dried!


Most of the original Mini Paintings are sold out, but limited edition prints have been made from many of them.
Matching the original, they are 6 x 6 inches, printed on heavy archival paper with a hand-torn edge.
Each print is signed and numbered. Editions are 50 for each print.
$45 each


Available as Limited Edition Prints


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