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Desert Clowns.... that is what African Oryx or Gemsbok are sometimes referred to. It sparks a very distinctive impression, yet not one that I think fits with this elegant and adaptive antelope species which can be found in a variety of African landscapes including the Southern Bushveld, savannahs and even the extreme desert environment of Namibia's dune seas.


I have always loved these beauties. They are not large like Eland or Kudu, more the height of a Shetland pony, yet their extraordinary horns make up for their diminutive stature. They are beyond impressive, sometimes reaching lengths of over 40 inches!


I am so inspired by their soft dun and peachy colours which are contrasted by the striking white and black markings. Such a pleasure to paint.





Painting size is 5 x 7 inches

Framed size will be 6 x 8 inches (frame is solid wood with dark antique bronze finish)

oil on panel


The Markings of Elegance

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  • Painting size is 5 x 7 inches

    Framed size is 6 x 8 inches


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