Fantasy Art & Mythical Creatures

My work on The Stone Guardians fantasy novel series has sparked a relatively new subject matter for me in the form of the characters, places and concepts from the books.


I am now in the midst of writing book three of a four book series and the illustration work has grown into a distinctive style with a soft detailed layering of graphite and white pencil crayon. (see examples below)

The paintings that feature the characters and concepts from the books are rich in colour and are evolving into a more detail style.

It has been a steep but rewarding learning curve to tackle these new subjects and do them justice. Much of what I am working on comes from my imagination and scenes from the stories. It requires either taking my own source photos to match scenes or working through multiple sketches to get things correct.

I hope to one day publish a beautiful, large-scale illustrated edition of the series. For now, the books are being published on Amazon as ebooks and trade copy paperbacks with limited illustrations featured at the beginning of chapters and title pages. I am also publishing companion sketchbooks for each of the novels with all the behind the scenes work and development that is ongoing for the illustration work.


Available Works

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Fantasy Novels & Illustrations


The Message is Only the Beginning....

Begin the Adventure! Books One & Two Available in Trade Copy and Ebook.

The Illustrations

The book illustrations are not currently for sale, but some of them are available as small limited edition prints through the Stone Guardians Etsy Shop.


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