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A sacred task...


In Norse mythology, Valkyries were women warriors who rode winged steed to collect the valiant dead from the battlefield.

I have included this painting in my Braveheart  Collection which focus on the theme of personal empowerment because of the quiet strength and trust between rider and horse. Pegasus can be seen to represent an an aspect of the warrior – her alter-ego or perhaps a part of her spirit and higher self that attends and supports her.

Enhance your living space  with the power of myths and legends with this large original painting. Experience the deep connection between horse and rider whenever you look at it. Infinite Wings: Valkyrie and Pegasus invites you into a mystical dreamscape.


Find peace and contemplation in its presence. The Renaissance gold of the scrollwork in the background is a cross-over from my Golden Creatures Series. The iridescent gold paint lends itself beautifully to the fantasy art theme. It represents the thread of spirit that runs through all things.


PAINTING SIZE: 40 x 40 inches.


This painting is unframed but wired to hang. The edges are painted with the background color.




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Infinite Wings: Valkyrie and Pegasus

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