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Bronze Bison, Big Horns & bunnies

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Introducing Blond Tawny Patina Version of Wee One 

I love this patina!

I spent time at the foundry recently to experiment and work through the process of creating a new lighter-coloured patina for my Wee One: Nuttall's Cottontail Baby Bunny.


Patination is one of my favorite aspects of the bronze casting process. This new Blond Tawny version of Wee One has an edition of 20. It is rich with subtle patina layers of different colour. I added final creamy highlights around his eyes, nose, chest and tail.

I hope you enjoy him as much as I do.

photo of patina process on bronze bunny sculpture by Kindrie Grove
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Earthy Tones & Prehistoric Shapes...

A collection of creatures that begin with the letter B...

Well, not the Musk Oxen, but with their wooly prehistoric forms, they seemed best placed here.


A special note on the Musk Oxen Sculpture: A long-standing dream of mine has been to create a sculpture of Circling Musk Oxen. It was a delight, therefore, when one of my collector's commissioned the sculpture last year. The opportunity to create this piece was a joy-filled dream come true!

Prices are in Canadian fund and do not include customs fees or duties if purchasing from outside of Canada. Larger pieces travel in custom wooden crates.

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