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Aside from being an animal painter and sculptor, I am also a fantasy author. My novel series, "The Stone Guardians" has two books published along with a series of drawings, paintings and sculptures that feature the characters and concepts from the books.

This original 30 x 24 inch oil painting on canvas features Torrin, one of the main characters and his young warhorse, aptly named Black. The horse is young yet, but Torrin is an experienced rider and warrior, and guides the young horse with a gentle but firm hand.

One of the side-themes in Book One, The Messenger From Myris Dar, is the relationships between the main characters and their horses. As trained battle mounts the horses need to be able to respond instantly to their riders' commands, often with only leg cues.

I grew up with horses and know them intimately, having logged many hours in the saddle myself. This painting beautifully captures the quiet moments often shared by riders and their mounts.

This painting is unframed but wired to hang. The edges are painted with the colors in the background.



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Torrin and his Black Warhorse

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