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There is a Spirit warrior within all of us!

Braveheart I is part of a collection of paintings and sculpture which focus on the theme of personal empowerment.


The warhorse represents an an aspect of the warrior – her alter-ego or perhaps a part of her spirit and higher self that attends and supports her.

I first began this piece over three years ago. Work halted on it, in part due to a need for more practice and research into this new subject matter, but also because as an artist and an individual, I needed to evolve more within myself to contain and wield the energy behind this Braveheart collection of works. I am currently working on the series will be sharing them here and on my website.

This painting is beautifully framed with an antique gold wood moulding and linen liner. 

Make a bold statement with this one of a kind art piece. It is an inspiring addition to a medieval art theme or gothic home decor.

PAINTING SIZE: 30 x 40 inches.


FRAMED SIZE:  34 X 44 inches

It is painted with oil on stretched canvas. The inspiration for this work comes from my fantasy book series: The Stone Guardians.


This painting is also available through my Etsy shop.

Braveheart I

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