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This painting is available through Adele Campbell Fine Art.

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A mama bear stops to look at us as her cubs gather close to her.

I was inspired to paint this piece after watching a cinnamon Black Bear teaching her two cubs how to reach the ripe Saskatoon berries from the top of the bush. She would pull a branch down and sit on it while she and the cubs ate their fill of the suculent berries.


Bring a touch of the wilderness  into your home or office with this painting. It is perfect for an intimate corner or small space, or will go beautifully with other similar small works. It makes a lovely bear lover gift for special occasions.

It has an impressionist feel with rich brushstrokes and texture and is framed with a solid wood antique black and gold molding.

PAINTING SIZE: 5 x 7 inches

FRAMED SIZE: 7 x 9 inches

Searching for Saskatoons: Black Bear Family

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