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Welcome to the creative world

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Wildlife and mythical
Fine Art Bronze Sculpture and Painting  


Cast bronze clydesdale sculpture
A   journey into  inspiration
is a 
step toward your dreams...
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small cast bronze sitting polar bear sculpture

Exquisitely soft & Subtle Drawings

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This collection of African wildlife sculptures and paintings is inspired by my travels through Southern Africa.

African Wildlife sketchbook and sculpture in process by Kindrie Grove

Remembering  Travel Inspirations...

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This collection of small horse sculptures, paintings and drawings is a delightful, nostalgic journey of into childhood memories of my rural roots.

various horse art work flatlay
Pegasus Unfolding, cast bronze sculpture by Kindrie Grove1.jpg

Featured Sculpture

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Guided by Inspiration...

I follow that creative spark where it leads.

Cast bronze pegasus sculpture with outstretched wings

Join me as I explore its beautiful expression.

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head shot of Kindrie Grove
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I'm Kindrie…

Welcome to my
multi-faceted Creative world.

I am a multi-disciplinary fine artist, author and creative.

My work encompasses cast bronze sculpture, oil painting, drawing & illustrating as well as fantasy writing.

Trojan2 Horse head bronze sculpture by Kindrie Grove

Collector Favorites

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Javier Vargas on April 3rd, 2024...

"I can’t be more grateful for the wonderful experience I had shopping with Kindrie! First of all the raven sculpture that I have is mind blowingly beautiful and extremely cool! Second of all, the level of professionalism that Kindrie brought to the experience was top notch :) From the minute I contacted her, to the minute the sculpture was delivered in my country and my house. She never let me down or made me feel lost. She is a professional, kind-hearted woman! And I’m very thankful for this experience, and for how beautiful my house looks with her art and vision! Thank you, thank you!"

Raven sculpture by Kindrie Grove
Horsepower Right side Work horse sculpture by Kindrie Grove.jpg
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The Cast Bronze Sculpture Collections

Capturing essence, emotion, and narrative with tangible grace.