Drawings & Encaustics



       The combination of encaustic with ink or graphite on paper allows the works to be enjoyed and hung without the need for protective glass.


Available works are at the top. Scroll down to see the sold archive.

Desert Clown
Etosha Waterhole
Old Shire
Leopard Profile (SOLD)
Roan Study
Elephants at Night
Icon (SOLD)
Zebra Eye (SOLD)
Giraffe Stretch (SOLD)
Pride of the Stud (SOLD)
Intent Gaze, lion (SOLD)
Polar Face (SOLD)
Polar Bear Profile (SOLD)
Etosha Bull I (SOLD)
New Life, Zebra Foal (SOLD)
Zebra Rump (SOLD)
Etosha Bull III (SOLD)
Fuego (SOLD)
Leopard Drawing (SOLD)
Tiger Eye (SOLD)
Etosha Bull II (SOLD)
Elephant Profile (SOLD)
Giraffe Profile (SOLD)
Drinking Zebras (SOLD)
Flying Hummer (SOLD)
Cart Horse (SOLD)
Internal Prayer (SOLD)
Zebra Foal (SOLD)
Lion Study (SOLD)
Running Horse (SOLD)
Polar Bear Emerging (SOLD)
Polar Bear Ice Scent (SOLD)
Grizzly (SOLD)
Walking Giraffe (SOLD)
Dragonfly II (SOLD)
Elephant (SOLD)
Dragonfly I (SOLD)
Seated Calliope Hummer (SOLD)
Coyote Sketch (SOLD)

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Studio Location: Matheson and Grove Fine Art

205 Martin Street, Penticton, BC, V2A 5K2

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All artworks © of Kindrie Grove Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Internal Prayer (SOLD)

charcoal and encaustic on paper 18 x 20 inches © Kindrie Grove Studios SOLD