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A Year in the Studio...

I recently posted the following to Instagram, and received such positive comments and feedback, that I wanted to share it here.

“The most important thing I can do as a creative, is to be open to – and more importantly – to honor and align with the inspiration I receive.

I often see myself as a tuning fork, attached to a radio receiver. The clearer the signal that I am able to convey in my work, the more honest and truthful it is, and the more beautiful it becomes.”

Kindrie in the studio with a sculpture
The artwork is usually front and centre but I am always in the background!

My multi-faceted creative practice, as you know includes many disciplines. Lately I have begun to think I should stop segregating it so much ( Fine Art vs. Fantasy Writing and Illustration ), and focus more on myself as the creative behind it all.

Ultimately my goal is to re-define my highest work as not so much the specific pieces I create, but the process by which they come through to become reality.

Whether the work is a simple sketch, a large painting, an involved cast bronze sculpture, a chapter in my novel series or simply the act of letting inspiration guide me as I live my life and manage my studio, the process is exactly the same.

I hope you enjoy some of these scenes from the last year in the studio where creative inspiration is free to bloom!

The wonder of spring is upon us this month and I am always inspired by new growth and life…

I hope you have a lovely Spring.

Best Regards,


Kindrie sculpting in the studio, warhorse sculpture
I love the meditative process of sculpting.

studio photo with sculpting tools on the table Kindrie Grove's studio
Simple tools...

Creating the deckled edge on my mini prints, Kindrie Grove
Creating the deckled edge on my mini prints...

Sketching on the patio with Oreo cat, Kindrie Grove
Sketching on the patio with Oreo cat.

pot full of brushes for painting image of the artist's studio, Kindrie Grove
Beautiful brushes...

Sculpting Little Bear, Kindrie Grove in the studio.
Sculpting Little Bear...

Kindrie Grove on the patio writing on computer with cat
Writing on the patio last summer... Oreo cat supervising.

hand and paint brushes in front of lioness painting by Kindrie Grove
A fun way to create scale for a painting photo.

wax seal of the letter k


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