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The Herd Grows...

Welcome to the Studio

It is hard to believe that it is already March!

The cold, short days of our British Columbian winter are gradually lengthening and getting warmer.

I have been spreading my creative time and energy very broadly lately with a range of activities: teaching both painting and sculpture courses, working with my editor on the third book in my fantasy novel series, re-working the layout for their Companion Sketchbooks as well as creating new illustrations for the project. Several commissions have also been filling up the hours, including a fairly involved commemorative sculpture, which I cannot reveal just yet.

Kindrie sculpting, foal work in progress.
Kindrie sculpting, foal work in progress.

I think because of this broad range of activity, I have felt as though I have not been very busy. It is odd how life and work can seem slow and yet when you look back at what you have actually accomplished, it is surprising.

Because my studio is often busy and I am the only hand on deck, it is very important to carve out quiet, creative time to ensure there is a balance between the business of running the studio and the reason for it all to exist in the first place – artistic inspirations.

In that spirit I am sharing some of my favorite recent sculpture moments in the studio...

This new collection of small horse sculptures is taking shape and I hope to have the first few available for pre-casting release in early summer. Most of my small bronze horse editions have sold out or are getting close to all finding their forever homes, so creating a new herd is timely.

As you can see, these guys are well underway but still needing work. When sculptures get to this stage of resolution, if I am honest, I am often quite torn.

The simplicity of clay pushed and pulled to represent muscle and form with no thought of finishing, other than simply the process of creating a lifelike form, well a part of my artist soul would love to leave it like that. The other part, the one that adores sculpting, just wants to keep working!

So finding that fine balance between refinement and sculptural impression and immediacy is a never ending challenge, yet one that keeps me always engaged.

More soon on this sweet mixed-breed herd as I continue to work on finishing them...

Make sure to tune into the Newsletter to get notice of their progress if you want to see them as they get finished.

Best regards,


Working on the Percheron artist Kindrie Grove works on a horse sculpture
Working on the Percheron

Working on the Percheron, cast bronze sculpture in progress by Kindrie Grove
Working on the Percheron

Working on the foal horse sculpture in progress by Kindrie Grove
Working on the foal


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