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The battles are finished and she and her trusted warhorse cross the thresholds between the worlds, passing through a veil like moving water. Her horse is tuned perfectly to her, taking his cues without her needing to command him. They move as one with the grounded strength of their combined courage.


Often when I create sculptures, they come through as strong characters that have a life of their own. This piece, in particular, was a powerful work for me as an artist. Working on her and her horse was an intense meditation, bringing forth the sculpture from a deep place of inspiration and spirit.


Spirit Warrior and her horse represent the courage people find in themselves to stand for their convictions and to face inner truth.

*Please note: This sculpture needs to be cast. It will take about 2 months to be completed once an order is placed.

The edition size for this equine sculpture is 36. It is 23 inches long including the base. 

All sculptures come with a Certificate of Authenticity in a beautiful folio.

**If you are purchasing as a gift and the sculpture cannot be ready in time, Don't worry! A custom gift package which includes the folio and certificate as well as a high quality photo of your ordered sculpture will be sent to you. It can be given in advance of the sculpture's arrival.


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Spirit Warrior: Between the Two Worlds

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  • Shipping is done via UPS or Canada Post with tracking.

    Please note:

    My studio is in Canada. If purchasing from outside of Canada, there may be import duties or fees not reflected in the price.

    Customs fees and taxes for international shipments are the buyer's responsibility. 

    Large works travel in a custom wooden crate to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.


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