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Please note: This sculpture still a work in progress. I will update the listing as he is finished. It will take about 3 months to be completed and cast into bronze.

A chracter from my Stone Guardians Universe, Nyrian is the First Guardian of Idrion and exists in Eryos in spirit form. A true guardian, he represents the very essence of protective energy.

All of the sculptures I have created so far that embody the characters from my books, have been incredibly powerful for me as an artist. The spirit and essence of these characters come through intensely and they occupy the studio with me to help create the vision truthfully.

Seeing the archetypes and themes from my books come to life as paintings, drawings and sculptures has been an incredibly rewarding, cross pollination through multiple disciplines. I love to experience the way each art form resonates with the concepts and characters.

The First Guardian's strong, courageous presence fills the space he occupies and I so enjoy seeing him when I enter the studio. 


 This is a large-scale sculpture stands 15 inches high with his magnificent wings stretched out to either side to 23 inches. He stands proud with his great sword in front of him.


He makes an exquisite addition to any room or outdoor setting. (Yes he can live outside!) The bronze can be placed in a favorite garden alcove.


REGULAR CAST PRICE: approximately $10,000

EDITION: The edition for this sculpture will likely be set at 15


The final bronze, mounted on a customizable marble base will be an impressive piece! 

Base colour options are available for marble or granite in black, grey or white. Patina will be silver nitrate over black with bronze highlights buffed back.


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First Guardian, Pre-Casting

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    My studio is in Canada. If purchasing from outside of Canada, there may be import duties or fees not reflected in the price.

    Customs fees and taxes for international shipments are the buyer's responsibility. 


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