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Imagine a painting so large that it emerses you in the action and atmosphere of its subject...


Imagine being up close as the horses lean into their traces and that incredible horsepower launches into action. This painting is so large its presence will surround you.


This 5 x 5 foot canvas has a dynamic and energetic feel that will enhance any space it is hung in. It is painted on exhibition canvas with the edges painted so it does not need to be framed.


This large impressionist painting has bold, large brush strokes which capture the power and motion of the these heavy Persheron team as they pull.

PAINTING SIZE: 60 x 60 inches on exhibition style canvas.


Payment plans are available for my larger pieces. Please enquire if interested.


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Full Steam Ahead

Excluding GST/HST |
  • 60 x 60 inches

  • Shipping is done via UPS or Canada Post with tracking.

    Please note:

    My studio is in Canada. If purchasing from outside of Canada, there may be import duties or fees not refected in the price.

    Customs fees and taxes for international shipments are the buyer's responsibility. 


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