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* Please note: This sculpture is not in inventory and will need to be cast. Casting takes about 2 months once an order has been made.

Kindrie's bronze sculpture of a tiger captures the epitome of feline grace...

This original art, hand cast bronze sculpture features a beautiful, sleek Bengal tigress as she grooms herself. The bottom of the sculpture is felted and looks fabulous sitting on a desk or mantel.

Each of Kindrie's original bronze sculptures is hand-cast with the Lost Wax Method and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity in a beautiful custom folio.

**If you are purchasing this sculpture as a gift and the sculpture cannot be ready in time, a custom gift package which includes the folio and certificate as well as a set of images of your ordered sculpture can be given in advance of the sculpture's arrival.


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Power and Grace: Bengal Tigress

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  • Shipping is done via UPS or Canada Post with tracking.

    Please note:

    My studio is in Canada. If purchasing from outside of Canada, there may be import duties or fees not refected in the price.

    Customs fees and taxes for international shipments are the buyer's responsibility. 


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